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The Friends of Carmel JMJ is an organization committed to providing support and financial assistance to the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Elysburg, PA, a convent of discalced Carmelite nuns who live a completely enclosed and contemplative life.

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Solemn High Pontifical Mass with Bishop Gainer

His Excellency Bishop Ronald Gainer of the Diocese of Harrisburg, will celebrate a Solemn High Pontifical Mass here at the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Elysburg, PA.  Since Carmel is located in the Diocese of Harrisburg, having their Bishop celebrate Mass in their Chapel will be an especially joyful time for the Sisters.

Mass Time:  5:00 PM

Date:  October 15th, 2014

Special Note: Feast day of St. Teresa of Avila

Correction and Addition to Last Message

Greetings Friends...

The Sisters have asked us to pass on the following message:

There was a typo in the Novena schedule.  The Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is on the 16th of July, however that day is a Wednesday.  His Excellency, Most Reverend William Waltersheid will offer a Pontifical High Mass starting at  5:30 PM.

Also, there will be a Reception of the Holy Habit on Saturday, July 26th, 2014 which will begin at 10 AM.  All are invited. 

God Reward You All

Friend of Carmel JMJ


Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Novena to Begin July 8th

Greetings to all Friends of Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph;

First order of business is to thank all of you who so generously contribute time, treasure and talent to the Nuns of the Carmel.

As you all probably know, the Novena to our Lady of Mount Carmel is one of the spiritual high points of the year for the Nuna and they have asked us to post the following schedule:

Daily Masses July 8-15: 7:00 pm with Novena Prayers & Sermon

July 16 (Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel) 5:30 pm Solemn Pontifical High Mass offered by Bishop William Waltersheid


Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

430 Monastery Road

Elysburg, PA 17824

The Passion - Spring Newsletter 2010

Greetings Friends of the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph...

Here is a poem for Holy Week that appeared in the Sisters' Spring 2010 Newsletter

We would also like to welcome all the newly registered Friends and ask that all of you keep spreading the word about the Friends of Carmel JMJ and our mission to support the Nuns of the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Elysburg, PA.  We hope you all have a blessed Holy Week and a Joyous Easter.

The Kiss of Christ

Lo, there He hangs a shamed figure,

Pinioned beneath the wood.

God grant that I may love Him,

Even as I should.


I draw a little closer

To share the love divine

To hear Him softly whisper,

“Ah, foolish child of mine.


If now I would embrace thee,

My hands would stain thee red,

And if I bent to kiss thee

The thorns would pierce your head.”


'Twas then I learned in meekness

that love demands a price.

„twas then I learned that sorrow

is but the kiss of Christ


Please remember to pray for the Sisters, Our Holy Father Pope Francis, and our Bishop, the Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer, Diocese of Harrisburg.

May God Reward You

Holy Week Schedule

Greetings Friends of Carmel

Holy Week Schedule:

Holy Thursday, April 17th - 5 PM

Good Friday, April 18th - 3 PM

Holy Saturday, April 19th (Easter Vigil) - 9:30 PM

Easter Sunday, April 20th - 9 AM

All of the above events are open to the public.  Please consider joining us for at least one of the Holy Days during this most blessed week of the year.

Thank you for your support of the 19 Nuns at the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Elysburg, PA.  Please continue to pray for the Nuns as they continue their days of strict fast and abstinence during the last weeks of Lent and join with them, wherever you may be, in their celebration of the Risen Lord on Easter Morning.  

Lenten Blessings during this Passiontide

Friends of Carmel JMJ

P.S.  We hope you are enjoying the newsletters recently posted.  Unfortunately, when we posted each newsletter it generated an e-mailing so please accept our apology for the email blitz.  We do hope that you found the temporary problem a blessing when reading the Nuns lovely newsletters.  Those newsletters, by the way, are entirely produced by the Nuns and printed, at no charge, by Fortney Printing in Steelton, PA

Welcome To Bishop Gainer

The Friends of Carmel rejoice that Pope Francis has sent Bishop Ronald W. Gainer to be the Shepherd of the Diocese of Harrisburg.  We pledge our filial obedience and love for our new Successor of the Apostles and we assure him of our prayers for his episcopal ministry.  May Our Lady Queen and Beauty of Carmel enfold him in her garment of maternal love and protection!

 Most Rev. William J. Waltersheid,

Friends of Carmel JMJ

News From Friends of Carmel JMJ

Greetings to our Friends of Carmel ,

As the new Church year approaches, all of us at the Friends of Carmel JMJ would like to extend our hope that all the Friends (and indeed all those in our Holy Mother the Church) have a blessed Advent.

For all the Friends who so faithfully pray for the Nuns and also send in contributions you will, we hope, be gratified to read the following story. 

The Monastery Caretaker had a dump truck that recently met with an unexpected demise.  The truck was invaluable to the Sisters because it was the sole means by which the Caretaker had to pick up and deliver the coal needed to heat the Monastery during the cold months and the hot water all year round.  With Board approval, the Friends of Carmel JMJ granted to the Sisters enough money to assist in the purchase of an old, but lightly used dump truck and to meet some other operating expenses.  This grant would not have been possible but for your kind, regular and generous donations. 

We hope that you will also be pleased to know that almost 100% of your donations go to the Nuns (there is a small transaction fee retained by PayPal for online donation).  Just about all of the other operating expensed are picked up by a corporate donor. 

For those of you who have placed orders, we would like to thank you for your patience in waiting for the order to be completed and shipped.  Most of the delay is because we do not have anyone to regularly staff the email account.  We will be attempting to bring that process up to speed very soon.  We are also in the process of updating our website to make the ordering process easier.

God Reward You All for your prayerful and financial support of the seventeen Nuns at the Carmel of Jesus, Mary & Joseph.  Please pray that the Holy Father will appoint a new Bishop for our Diocese very soon.


Friends of Carmel JMJ

Feast of our Holy Mother, St. Teresa (October 15th)


Tuesday, October 15th is the Feast Day of St. Teresa of Avila, or as Carmelites refer to her "Our Holy Mother."  High Mass will begin at 8 A.M.  There will also be a First Profession made by one of the Novices. 

FYI:  Later in October

On October 25 at 8 A.M. there will be either a Pontifical High or Low Mass celebrated in association with the cause for sainthood of Blessed Karl (see below).  The time of Mass is subject to change.

His Excellency, Don Teodoro de Faria
Bishop Emeritus of Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, author of a new book about Blessed Karl.  As Bishop of the diocese in which Blessed Karl died in 1922, Bishop de Faria has long been active in his cause for sainthood, and it was he who formally presented to the Holy Father the petition to beatify Emperor Karl at the beatification ceremony in Saint Peter’s Square on 3 October 2004. A native of Madeira, Bishop de Faria was ordained in 1956 at the age of 26, consecrated bishop of Funchal in 1982, and since his retirement in 2007, has been working on his book about Blessed Karl, which he will discuss during his remarks.
For more information on Blessed Karl of Austria (Click Here ) 

Day 8, Sermon

And so we arrive at the vigil of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. What better way to honor Her than to speak of one of the greatest gifts She has given us: the Scapular.

The monks that can trace their lineage back to Elijah and the mountain were discovered by St. Simon Stock in the 13th century. He strove to found an official religious order, but finding it difficult, he turned to Our Lady in prayer. Shortly thereafter, She appeared to him and gave him the scapular, saying that "whosoever should wear this faithfully, will be saved from everlasting fire." It was this brown scapular which inspired the habit worn to this day by all Carmelite religious.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is deeply connected to the Fatima and Llourdes. The last visit of Our Lady to St. Bernadette was July 16, 1858: the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. And at Fatima, Our Lady made her final visit as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and She wore the scapular draped over Her wrist. As I said a few nights ago: pay attention to the details - love is always in the details!

What is Our Lady telling us? She has told us time and again that the Rosary and the Scapular are the most powerful weapons. But more than this: it is a way for Our Lady to reclaim mankind. It is the same way in which Christ reclaims man and matter when He walked among us again. Christ usually displays His power over matter, making commands. Once, He uses His own spittle to make the mud which He cures a blind man with. He turns an instrument of torture - the cross - into an instrument of salvation. Through these specific things, God is reclaiming man and matter.

Our Lady, too, uses specific material things to reclaim matter for God. After Adam and Eve sinned, they made garments as a visible sign of their sinfulness. The scapular is a garment, a visible sign of one's separation from God. In giving us the scapular, Our Lady has reversed Genesis 3.

Love is always in the details!

Day 7, Sermon

Today is Bastille Day - France's equivalent to the Fourth of July - and it commemorates the launching of the French Revolution. People say its benefits are still being felt to this day: progress, freedom, liberty. Interestingly enough, the Carmelites have a unique relationship with the French Revolution. In 1794 - two weeks before the end of the Revolution - the entire convent at Compiegne was convicted of crimes against the state and sentenced to death at the guillotine. When the Carmelites were awaiting their deaths beside the platform on which the guillotine stood, witnesses spoke of their peace and their joy. while singing Veni Creator Spiritus (the song they sang when receiving their vows). The youngest nun was the first to suffer her fate, but before she did, she knelt before the prioress and asked for her blessing and for permission to die. All the others did the same.

These 16 nuns weren't surprised. A Carmelite's entire life is in direct violation to to the "State"; her oath to God is civil suicide. They were given a choice: Accept Liberty or die. In the name of Liberty, these nuns were marched to the guillotine. The French Revolutionaries gave the same choice that Lenin did to the Russian people: Accept liberation from the Czar or die. Forty million Russians went to their deaths. Sixty million people died under Mao Zedong. And before we, the American people, become too smug, let us remember the 52 million children who have died because of our "choice". The secular world has dictated that a woman does not have true freedom unless she has the right to choose. Her choice, however, means another person's life.

Beware of the language of "The Rights of Man". Embrace the duty of God and you'll haver have to embrace the rights of man. The Carmelite sisters did, and this is why they were killed. Remember that we have a higher calling than to man. In this monastery in Elysburg, one will not hear "rights" but "duty": one will achieve the greatest freedom in following God's law.

God's law - in this secular world - is synonymous with soup kitchens. People will accept no moral, personal constraints, but will fawn over soup kitchens. With ill-disguised contempt, they will spurn prayer and penance, but will placate their consciences by giving money to charities and serving at soup kitchens.

These Carmelites never wavered from the conviction of God's duty. They embraced through their actions the words expressed in St. Ignatius Loyola's prayer, Suspice.

'Receive, O Lord, all my liberty. Take my memory, my understanding, and my entire will. Whatsoever I have or hold, You have given me; I give it all back to You and surrender it wholly to be governed by your will. Give me only your love and your grace, and I am rich enough and ask for nothing more.' (Spiritual Exercises, #234)


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